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3 April 2017

And here is our come-back release:

In collaboration with Narcoleptica Productions and More Hate ProductionsPest Records presents the debut album from Russian Depressive Doom Black Metal act Chevauchée, Phrenolepsia!

Pre-orders and 2 tracks streaming now at this location:


15 March 2017

Pest Records will be back this year with new release(s), stay close!


01 August 2013

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.16 is now available for free streaming and download!





01. Austerymn - In Death...We Speak

02. Bifrost - Ashes Of An Endless Embrace

03. Blasphemation - Vomit Spray

04. Caedes Castus - Heathen Dreamlands (The World Where I Belong)

05. Garden of Grief - Initial Command

06. Horus - The Osirieon Tomb

07. Inferna - Of Blood And Death

08. Lordesphemy - Infernal Winter Sermons

09. Napalm Christ - Idols of Evil

10. Neka - The Diamond

11. Oath Of Sin - Satan

12. Outright Resistance - Friends Will Betray

13. Secretpath - And So I Return To The River

14. Selbst - Veritas filia temporis II

15. Unsouled - Melting people


11 July 2013

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.15 is now available for free streaming and download!






01. Bloodington - Speed Freak Clubbing

02. Bukowski Family - Flayed Skin Tapestry

03. Hak-ed Damm - Nekrowristfucked

04. Immortal Empire - Lucifer Rising

05. Karonte - Falaris

06. Midian - Time To Die

07. Mormant De Snagov - Detrimental Edict

08. Mortuorial Eclipse - At the gates of the Marduk's Shrine

09. Path ov amok - Destroyer of Happiness

10. Shellshock - Game Over

11. The Beyond - Mass Lobotomy

12. Valinor - Requiem

13. Velm - Water from the Earth

14. Vivid Remorse - Imaginary Actress

15. Vrag - Temetetlen

16. WitcheR - Néma gyász


08 July 2013

MORMANT DE SNAGOV - Derisive Philosophy out now on Pest Records! 


Prices including p&p


Derisive Philosophy, the band's second opus, is made of 7 aggressive and haunting Black Metal tracks adorned by melodious darkness and freezing cold atmospheres. Definitely the band's best material to date, Derisive Philosophy will establish MORMANT DE SNAGOV among the most important Finnish Black Metal exports ever!


04 May 2013

Mormant De Snagov reveal cover and tracklist for upcoming album, Derisive Philosophy!

Finnish Black Metallers MORMANT DE SNAGOV revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their upcoming full-length album, Derisive Philosophy


1. Comatose

2. Divine Dismemberment

3. The End of My Thoughts

4. Detrimental Edict

5. Abnormities

6. Transient Lunar Phenomenon

7. The Triumph

Derisive Philosophy, the band's second opus, is made of 7 aggressive and haunting Black Metal tracks adorned by melodious darkness and freezing cold atmospheres, and is set to be released on Pest Records this Summer. Definitely the band's best material to date, Derisive Philosophy will establish MORMANT DE SNAGOV among the most important Finnish Black Metal exports ever!


04 May 2013

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.14 is now available for free streaming and download!




01. Algide - La Marche Funebre

02. Antiquus Infestus - Moorfields

03. Beast - Black Death

04. Conquerror - Snakes of Light

05. Exodia- Fight my Cock and your Palate

06. Frostagrath - Into A Dimensional Timeless Void

07. Lebenswinter - Weltenbrand

08. L'endevi-Red Ivy

09. Markradonn - Internal Hate Unbounded

10. Nostalgia - Estás muerta

11. Plutonium - Zero Swarm

12. Prayer of the Dying with Daniel Bezzina - God's Failed Creation

13. Ravenfrost - To Envy The Nameless Dead

14. Sarkrista - Wrath Incarnation

15. Winterblood - Raserei des Meeres


27 February 2013

Pest Records signs Mormant De Snagov!

Pest Records proudly announce its comeback in form of a new signing, Finnish Black Metallers MORMANT DE SNAGOV! The band will release their upcoming full-length through Pest Records this Summer. "Derisive Philosophy", the band's second opus, is made of 7 aggressive and haunting Black Metal tracks adorned by melodious darkness and freezing cold atmospheres. Definitely the band's best material to date, "Derisive Philosophy" will establish MORMANT DE SNAGOV among the most important Finnish Black Metal exports ever!




02 February 2013

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.13 is now available for free streaming and download!



01. Killus - Never Something was so Real

02. Inverticrux - Cult Crashers

03. Secretpath - The Path

04. Dark Desolation - Dark Desolation

05. Maqâbir - Qabr 13

06. Garden of Grief - In Dorso Corvi Divini

07. Khephra - La Notte Delle Streghe

08. Rohesfleisch - Emperor Of The Almighty Black Thorn

09. Dark Confessions - The Voice of the Apocalypse

10. Locus Neminis - Totes Licht

11. Funebria - Enthroned Luciferian Kingdom

12. Under Destruction - Declaration

13. Formless Terror - Feeding The Necrovoid

14. Offensor - The Fall of Deceiving

15. Bassookah - Pig Time Rush


24 January 2013

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.13 will be soon available for free streaming and download!

Featuring tracks by:

- BASSOOKAH (Holland)




- FUNEBRIA (Venezuela)



- KHEPHRA (Italy)

- KILLUS (Spain)


- MAQABIR (Malaysia)






05 January 2013

Planning new releases for this year! 

Accepting demos/promos, if interested email pestrecords AT


20 February 2012

The label is currently ON HOLD, we won't release any more material in the near future! At the moment we are only open for trades. If interested in trading with us please send your lists and request our.


02 August 2011

First of all I have to apologize for the delay in releasing the second print of THE OBSCENE - "The Torment of Sinners". I know a lot of you are eagerly awaiting the new CDs, but we'll have to wait just a little bit more and here's the reason: for the first print I have worked on a rush, with a printing factory I knew nothing about and the result I wasn't too proud of, although it was not bad either. This time I'm testing and looking for a more reliable factory to work with and have them on my side for a longer period (for releasing more materials in the future), I think I have found it, but won't put my word on it until I have the final work in my hands, and that's why, although with regrets, I have to delay this just a little bit more.

On other news THE OBSCENE got some new good to very good reviews and the name of the band is getting out there consolidating what seems to be a band that will surprise a lot of metalheads out there. Although we don't have all the shiny facilities a lot of Old-School Death Metal bands have nowadays, the music of THE OBSCENE speaks for itself! Check out some new reviews of "The Torment of Sinners" HERE.

I'm also proud to announce that THE OBSCENE has been elected to be the Band of the Week in the prestigious TERRORIZER MAGAZINE! Check out an interview with Chris (drums) HERE.

THE OBSCENE has also been mentioned/featured in Cheeseburger's Extreme Metal Blog on YouTube, check it out HERE



30 May 2011

Check out a new video of THE OBSCENE's "The Final Silence" track:



24 May 2011

UK death metallers THE OBSCENE sign new deal with Pest Records!

After the release of "The Torment of Sinners" EP in the end of March 2011 and the first pressing being sold-out in a month since it's release, underground extreme metal label Pest Records and UK old-school death metal band The Obscene signed a new deal that will see the band's debut full-lenght album out on Pest Records in 2012! 

Besides a new pressing of The Obscene's "The Torment of Sinners" EP scheduled for July 2011, Pest Records will release their debut album entitled "Architects of Deliverance" in 2012. Expect some ugly to the bone, skull crushing old-school death metal played with honesty and respect for what death metal was supposed to be from its beginnings! The album will contain 8-9 new tracks, 5 of them being already composed and practiced at the rehearsals: "Dreaming the Obscure", "Dawn of Suffering", "Spawned from Ignorance", "Of Feeble Minds and Sickness" and the title track "Architects of Deliverance". Cover artwork is already in the making by an excellent occult/horror artist, but more details will be unveiled soon!

We here at Pest Records are very proud to have the band continue in our roster for it's upcoming release and are sure The Obscene will quickly get a respected spot in the underground extreme metal scene because honest bands deserve honest support!

The Obscene line-up:

 Tom: Blasphemous puked obscenities

Chris: Rancid Blasturbations

Garry: Vomiting Groans & Hellish Rumblings

Jonny: Bestial Hellstrings


29 March 2011

THE OBSCENE - The Torment of Sinners (EP, 2011) - OUT NOW !!!

Contact us or the band for your copy now! 

Wholesale rates available and trades are welcome by request! 


9 February 2011

Pest Records Online Compilation Vol. 12 now available for FREE DOWNLOAD!

11 Tracks, 50 minutes, 65 Mb of FREE DOWNLOAD Extreme Metal from around the World!


1. Blood Of Martyrs – Beneath a Blue and Silent Sky

2. Deus Otiosus - Thousand Arms of the Dead

3. Eternal Helcaraxe - Kin, Comrades & Country

4. Exekrator - Blood Was Made To Flow (RAW MIX)

5. Eyecult – Saligia

6. Feces On Display - Cock & Cum (And Guts For Fun)

7. Golthoth - Triumph Of The Elder Gods

8. Hell Terror – Celaka

9. Morbid Devourment - Cotard Delusion

10. Putrefaction - Red Sink

11. The Obscene - The Final Silence

Download link:


10 September 2010

Long time since the last update, that's because the activity was on hold during this Summer for personal problems.

- Pest Records Online Compilation Volume 10 was released back in March, please find more details HERE

Few copies left from "Morgue Zombies"!

I have only a few copies left from the first print of UNDERNOISE / SLOWLY SUFFERING - "Morgue Zombies" Split CD so most probably a second print will follow. Thanks to everyone who supported this release and to everyone who bought it, I'm glad to have received such a great feedback regarding the quality of this release. Get in touch if you're interested in distributing the Split in your region!

- Pest Records Online Compilation Vol.11 will be released this month!

- the Split CD between ANCIENT SORROW and ALTARS OF SIN has to be postponed for later on this year, most probably for Winter.


25 February 2010


Death Grind veterans from Spain / Promising Old-School Death Metal from Italy

17 tracks, 50 minutes

ProCDr in DVD box + 4 pages pro-printed color Booklet including lyrics + free A6 sticker!

Looking for Distributors!

Labels / Bands - contact us for wholesale and/or trades!

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